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Question: TDS/TCR, West Wing fans

This is my icon journal which means posting this here maybe isn't the best idea but out of curiosity would anyone here be interested if I was to throw my two favourite fandoms together in a fan fiction?

The election in season 7 of West Wing is pretty big and I honestly keep thinking to myself what Jon Stewart would be thinking of what the candidates are saying and how they are doing. Well really I've been thinking what WW Universe Jon would be making fun of the entire series but since The Daily Show got a name mention in The Ticket my interest has peaked. Now I haven't written a fic for years so this could take a while but if you've got any thoughts do share. I'd possibly bring in some help to get Jon just right (Lefty at JSX is great at this) but I'd include an interview of both candidates, maybe Josh just 'cause and some stuff where the candidates are up late watching Jon's show and we get some jokes on the big storylines of the day. It could just work as long as I get my muse going.

Icons will be headed your way as soon as my Photoshop ADD gets the better of me again. Perhaps with the return of Studio 60. Hold tight.

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