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Welcome to my icon journal!

Hello peeps,

This a journal for my iconage. I'm new into what you would call "proper" icon making since it took me about 6 months to figure out colouring etc on Photoshop so yes I'm a little slow. You can find my first ever icon post at my journal, here .

I'm gonna give a mini explanation on the name too because it's a little interesting. Well first of all I'm a huge Mets fan even from here in Scotland and obviously the banner shows the baseballness of it. But the actual 2 outs, full count thing very much came from my favourite TV show ever, The West Wing. Not a big time episode of it though. Debate Camp, season 4, episode 5. It has some flashbacks and in one Josh and Sam are discussing what they should do about their appointment of Attorney General. Sam tells Josh "I don't think he's going to be confirmed. I think the first thing that's going to happen to us is we're going to lose the confirmation battle... And spend the next four years with two outs and a full count." I never understood that analogy until summer 2004 after I'd found baseball (July 4th Red Sox @ Yankees, Jeter in the stands game if you were wondering) and now that line makes me smile.

Icons coming very soon!
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